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Frequently Asked Questions

We do provide a quiet rest time in the middle of the day to provide a respite. However, your child is not required to sleep. We will not prohibit a child from sleeping who exhibits signs of needing rest. If your child does not require rest, quiet activities that can be completed on their personal cot to allow their classmates time to nap or rest will be allowed.

We welcome parents to come in and be involved in the classroom. Please contact your child’s teacher to schedule a time that you would like to visit. When you have scheduled a time, please contact the Program Director ahead of time to confirm whether or not you will need a Department of Human Services background check for volunteering.

AppleTree & Gilden Woods provides a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack. For safety, security, and classroom harmony, we do not allow food (except for medical reasons) to be brought from home. If your family eats 100% organic food at home, see your Program Director for details regarding this special request.

The hours and days indicated on your Contract for Services are the hours our center is staffed to provide care for your child. If you need to change a day, please check with your Program Director for availability. The tuition rate for adding Tuesday to your child’s schedule will result in the charging of tuition for four days of attendance. Fees incurred would need to be paid with your weekly rate. Unfortunately, there are times we are not able to honor this request due to staffing and adult-to-child ratios.

If you need to schedule an additional day of care for a specific week, please check with your Program Director for availability. Fees incurred would need to be paid with your monthly rate. Unfortunately, we are not able to schedule unscheduled days for scheduled days your child may have missed.

Because of possible food allergies, we only allow non-food treats. We appreciate your cooperation in monitoring what items you bring in for these special times. Below is a list of approved items for your consideration:

  • Stickers
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Little coloring books
  • Little activity books (4 years and up)
  • Fun pencils (4 years and up)
  • Little containers of play dough
  • Donate a new book to the classroom in honor of the birthday boy/girl

Please remember many small toys/trinkets may not be suitable for children under 3 years of age. Please check the factory labels for this information.

We recognize that all children develop on their own schedule. We have general age ranges for classrooms but the transition process involves both the child’s parents and teachers to ensure that the child is ready to transition to the next classroom. Only with your approval will your child move into the next classroom as he or she advances to the next stage of development. In addition to your child’s comfort level with the move, state licensing ratios for ages may affect transitioning.

AppleTree & Gilden Woods staff will release children only to you and those people you have listed on your emergency card. We will also ask to see a picture ID for people we do not recognize. This policy is strictly enforced for the safety of all children in our care. If you need to add someone to your child’s emergency card, please see your Program Director.