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Preschool Program

Preschool is part of our K-Prep program, featuring age-appropriate instruction in a stimulating learning environment. Composed of multiple research-based curriculums and learning tools, our comprehensive program is designed to fully prepare your child for kindergarten success as they become problem-solvers and lifelong learners. Your child will develop language, physical, social, and cognitive skills that provide a strong foundation for their future educational journey.

Intentional Teaching

Qualified, experienced, and dedicated teachers are trained in current early education best practices and are intentional in all interactions, seeking “teachable moments” when your child shows interest in the world around them. With support and guidance, we encourage your child to see their skills as dynamic and developing.

Cooperative Learning and a Community Feeling

During Circle Time, we gather as a group to share ideas, listen, develop attention span, promote oral communication, and learn new concepts and skills. Circle Time features components frequently seen in school-age classrooms including using the calendar, making weather observations, and charting and graphing. This time is an opportunity to conduct story time, sing, learn finger-plays, and enjoy a variety of games to support new knowledge.

Nurturing Their Creativity

In our dramatic play learning center, pretend play and dress-up are avenues to express creativity. Children play independently, while teachers guide interactions and partner in their play to extend the use of imagination. The interest your child has in pretend play can expand into storytelling skills and your child’s teacher encourages this development. We also promote fine arts by providing an assortment of art materials and presenting creative opportunities.

Get Set for School

Through Get Set for School® (from Handwriting Without Tears®), your child enjoys activities such as Roll-A-Dough to build fine motor skills that ensure correct pencil grip and eventually letter formation. We use child-friendly strategies, such as music and movement, to bring lessons to life, while encouraging body awareness, cooperation, taking turns, and listening.

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Health & Safety

We work hard to create a nurturing environment that keeps children safe, healthy, and learning—and gives parents peace of mind.

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