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Toddlers Program

Toddlers grow and learn every day, thriving and reaching key development milestones as they learn to be on the move. We help your toddler explore the world around him or her and make new discoveries while providing skills as building blocks for a lifetime of learning.

On the Move

If your toddler hasn’t already started, walking is on the horizon as they explore the world. Our caregivers support newly found movement and our classrooms include soft gyms to support and encourage gross motor skills, such as muscle development, coordination, and balance.

Close Connections

When your toddler begins to travel, a primary caregiver is close behind to provide necessary support and encouragement. This close bond allows your child to freely explore the world.

Exploring with the Senses

From painting with pudding to singing and cooing with your toddler, we encourage your child to use all their senses to learn. Your child’s caregiver will observe your child as they explore the world around them and will include sensory exploration activities in their daily experiences.

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Health & Safety

We work hard to create a nurturing environment that keeps children safe, healthy, and learning—and gives parents peace of mind.

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