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Twos Program

We provide plenty of hugs, guidance, and encouragement to help your child develop a greater sense of independence while gaining self-help skills and exploring the world around them.

Circle Time

During this daily large group interaction, children enjoy songs, reading, finger-plays, engaging games, and conversations. While circle time is brief with this age group, it is packed with fun, educational activities such as alphabet, number, shape, and color introduction.

Learning Center Activities

Starting in the Twos Room, we make use of separate, learning domain focused centers to introduce the structure they will experience in our preschool program. Socially, we will support your toddler as they learn that different behavior is appropriate in different settings.

Exploring with the Senses

Sensorial learning is encouraged through a stimulating environment and time to explore. Days are filled with opportunities to develop creativity using paints, crayons, and play dough. Dramatic play performances such as playing house and dressing up further expand imagination.

Potty Training Program

We make potty training a positive experience with an approach that is both exciting for your child and easy to use at home. We promote healthy choices and good hygiene through certificates, cards, and encouragement, throughout the potty training process.

We encourage parents to inform us when they feel their son or daughter is ready to begin. Our Toddler Room teachers know working collaboratively with parents will help us provide each child with fundamentals needed for success.


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Health & Safety

We work hard to create a nurturing environment that keeps children safe, healthy, and learning—and gives parents peace of mind.

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