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Junior Kindergarten Program

K-Prep for Young 5-Year-Olds

Why choose our Young 5s program?

Based on your child’s birthday and local school requirements, additional K-Prep time could be beneficial. In Junior Kindergarten, our proven, research-based curriculum encourages hands-on learning. Developmentally appropriate activities promote kindergarten readiness through a focus on social skill development, while introducing phonemic awareness, emergent reading skills, and primer sight words.


Get Set for School

Junior Kindergarten utilizes this nationally recognized program to explore reading, writing, language, literature, numbers, and math.

Values Character Education

Making friends and learning go hand in hand at this age. Our goal is to prepare children to become morally responsible, self-disciplined citizens. When positive actions and choices are encouraged, children develop strong social skills that serve them not only in kindergarten and elementary school, but also well into adulthood.

STEM Curriculum

Our STEM curriculum focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math experiences to encourage each child’s innate sense of curiosity and exploration. Children develop a sense of wonder and interest in the natural world, through hands-on activities.

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Health & Safety

We work hard to create a nurturing environment that keeps children safe, healthy, and learning—and gives parents peace of mind.

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