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Healthy Starts Early

Stay Healthy, Grow Fit®

A lifetime of healthy habits is the goal of our comprehensive Grow Fit program. By introducing balanced nutrition and physical activity at a young age, we support the complete well-being of growing children.

Eating Healthy

Our daily menus are reviewed by a registered dietitian nutritionist to make sure we’re serving well-rounded, health-conscious meals and snacks, including:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grain foods with plenty of vitamins
  • Foods free of artificial dyes

There are also always alternative menus available, including items that are vegetarian and dairy-free. Does your child have any special dietary needs (due to allergy restrictions, a medical diagnosis, or religious beliefs)? If so, we can outline a suitable food plan.

Physical Fitness

Movement and motor skill development are essential elements of physical activity, so regular, planned activity is part of our daily routine.

  • 60 minutes of outdoor physical activity for toddlers and 2-year-olds.
  • 120 minutes of daily activity (at least 60 minutes outdoors) for children older than 3.

Nutritional Education

Daily classroom lessons also feature healthy concepts integrated by teachers, including:

  • Sharing books that shine a positive spotlight on healthy eating and physical activity
  • Teaching health lessons that highlight various subjects, such as what it means to achieve “energy balance,” pertaining to food intake and the body’s daily needs
  • Using models or toys representing fruits, vegetables, or other healthy foods for pretend play

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