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Infants Program

Infant Daycare and Education

We’ve gone to great lengths to create a safe, healthy, nurturing environment that Michigan babies and families will love. Our caregivers are passionate about providing the best care possible for every baby, ages 6 weeks to 12 months. All our caregivers practice a variety of interactions including holding, facial expressions, and verbal cues to connect with and engage your child. 

A Warm, Welcoming Environment

Our intentional approach to early childhood development and learning extends to how our Infant Room is designed. These rooms promote familiar routines that give a sense of belonging and security. Individual infant lesson plans ensure children receive appropriate support to meet milestones. Each day offers ample opportunity to develop fine and gross motor skills through multi-sensory activities. After adequate stimulation, we provide a calm and quiet place to rest.

We adhere to your infant’s feeding schedule and support breastfeeding moms. Most locations offer a private lactation room for your convenience.

Nurturing Caregivers

Your baby will enjoy being cuddled, rocked, sung to, and talked to in our Infant Room. While all caregivers will be involved with your baby, for optimum development, your baby will have a primary caregiver who will learn what makes them happy, excited, and comforted.

With your valuable input, your child’s caregiver develops a personalized routine that provides a strong sense of security. Our caregivers have early childhood qualifications, complete annual training on current best practices, and are passionate about providing the best care possible.

Individualized Care and Education

From the quality interactions your baby’s caregiver has with them, individual lesson plans are developed to ensure that age-appropriate development and learning objectives are being met. We recognize parents know their child best, so our caregivers work closely with you to develop an appropriate eating and sleeping schedule to ensure your baby’s health and development. 

Fine and Gross Motor Exploration

Development of small and large muscles and skills such as rolling side-to-side and sitting up are a big part of our daily schedule. We will help your baby strengthen motor skills by playing with cradle gyms and rattles and crawling over soft cushions. From holding up their heads to pulling themselves to a standing position, we work with your baby to help them acquire these skills.

Language Exploration

Our caregivers use facial expressions, verbal cues, and a variety of interactions to provide your baby the building blocks of language. Peek-a-boo, patty cake, and pointing out simple objects of interest, such as noises, people, animals, and body parts, are integrated throughout the day. Talking to babies and reading books together is a significant part of the daily routine. 

Baby Signs®

Baby Signs encourages communication with children who may not yet be able to express themselves verbally, so they can communicate wants and needs to caregivers. Baby Signs books are read aloud and songs are sung with children using signs related to simple requests such as:

Milk | More | All Done | Eat

Active Infants, Safe Spaces

Our first priority is creating a secure environment where infants both are safe and feel safe. In our Infants classroom, we provide toys and materials that allow for freedom of movement within safe boundaries, so children can explore, develop motor skills, and engage their natural curiosity. This makes the classroom both nurturing and stimulating.

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Health & Safety

We work hard to create a nurturing environment that keeps children safe, healthy, and learning—and gives parents peace of mind.

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