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Pre-Kindergarten Program

Preparing 4-Year-Olds

Pre-Kindergarten is part of our K-Prep program. This classroom designed for 4-year-olds offers hands-on materials and a variety of learning centers to help your child grow socially and emotionally while mastering skills needed for future school success.

Fostering Kindergarten Readiness

Our unique K-Prep Preschool program is designed to ensure your child acquires the academic and social skills needed for elementary school success. Through engaging lessons and exciting themes that bring smiles to their face, your child will reach many academic goals. They will be learning every day and won’t even know it!

The World of Language and Literacy

Preschoolers ask questions about everything. This curiosity builds their linguistic skills as they gain knowledge. At this age, your child’s intellect is growing rapidly. Activities and conversations that help foster language development, writing, and reading skills are crucial. From big books to word walls, labeling, and alphabet fun, we prepare children for a future of lifelong learning. 

Hands-On Learning Centers

As your child matures, the surroundings and activities become more complex. Each classroom has different “learning centers,” such as dramatic play, science and sensory, math and manipulatives, reading, writing, blocks and community, art, music and movement, computer and listening, and gross motor. Cutting, drawing, and painting encourage fine motor control.

Each day we provide time for the little things that matter so much to children. Mastering tasks and skills such as tying shoelaces, buttoning jackets, and handwashing allow your budding student to take more responsibility for their personal care and builds self-esteem. 

Growing Bigger and Stronger

It’s obvious your child can run, jump, and climb farther, faster, and better than ever before. Every day your child benefits from further growth and muscle development—and builds gross motor skills—by playing on our age-appropriate playground equipment or inside the gym during inclement weather. We also offer gentle coaching when your child seems to need help. Habits and skills developed now are the basis for sports, dancing, and other activities that begin in middle childhood and could continue for their lifetime.

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