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Drop-In Care

We remain committed to supporting Michigan communities in any way we can. That includes drop-in care to help families as routines change. With Flex Care, you can purchase child care days in advance. It’s a flexible, reliable, simple way to navigate scheduling changes, such as:

  • Holiday or school breaks
  • Part-time work or irregular schedules
  • Temporary child care needs
  • Weather delays or cancellations

Prepaid Flex Care cards can be purchased in five-day increments, which are honored for one full year. You can buy them at your local center, and for as many days as you’d like.

  • Call 48-hours ahead of time to reserve a spot.
  • Use Flex Care one day at a time, or all at once.
  • No registration fees at the time of purchase or when you utilize the care.

Flex Care is also a perfect option if you stay home but need an occasional day off, or to take advantage of our summer program options.

If you’re an employer, our team is here to work with you to create a custom solution for your workforce. Learn more about our Employer Solutions programs to see how we can partner with you to offer child care support.

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