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Our Blog: June 26, 2015

Individual Infant Lesson Planning

The development that occurs between birth and a child’s third birthday lays the foundation for all later learning (National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, 2000).

Babies grow and develop quickly in their first year of life. That’s why responsive curriculum – planning focused on using activities to support and foster an infant’s internal motivators to learning – is our tool to ensure your infant receives individual, developmentally-appropriate lesson plans.

Each month, your infant’s primary teacher will identify activities specific to your infant’s development. Lesson planning is based on observations and anecdotal notes recorded by your infant’s primary teacher and suggested activities from your infant’s most recent ASQ-3 (Ages and Stages Questionnaire). 

Using observations and results of the ASQ ensures activities are not just adult-initiated, adult-directed lessons, but rather lessons and activities in direct response to your infant’s developing interests and needs. Your child’s intentionally designed early learning experiences will be posted in your child’s classroom for your easy reference.

The ASQ-3 is an invaluable tool for your child’s individual lesson planning. Our schools have partnered with Family Futures, an innovative, family-centered program providing parents of children five and under with critical information on child development through their Connections program. Through the Connections program families receive Ages and Stages Questionnaires either via email or the postal service. 

These questionnaires enable parents and caregivers to track a child’s development. Play activities are used to encourage healthy social and emotional development and identify any concerns which, in turn, Family Futures will follow up on with families.

Individual Infant Lesson Planning is just one of many value-added programs developed for our families of AppleTree and Gilden Woods Early Care and Preschool.